Daily COVID-19 Briefing: Sunday

A special message and appeal to any who may read this or who has followed my blog:

I began this blog on March 9. Since then, I have made 130 posts, received 20,898 views, 75 likes and 21 comments. I am now very much uncertain about whether to continue this effort. I have tried to bring all my knowledge, experience and skill to bear to make sense of what is happening. I have sought to gather information thoughtfully and critically, to analyze that information responsibly and report the truth as accurately and clearly as I could. I have been proud of this effort. Now, as the the nation seems to be sinking further into confusion, apathy and denial, I worry that my voice is contributing to the collective malaise that seems to be deepening. I am concerned that I have become part of the drone of “experts” counting cases and deaths, expressing alarm and forecasting continued suffering. Is it helping? I am still fascinated by what is transpiring, but I no longer feel that what I am doing is making a difference in a positive way. I get very little feedback and I have no idea whether anyone is still interested.

For these reasons, I am asking you for your input and feedback. Any and all comments would be welcome. Send me a comment through the site or at my personal email (taglass904@gmail.com). Please be safe and well.

  1. Do you have questions I could try to answer?
  2. Has my blog been useful?
  3. What has been useful about this site?
  4. What have you not liked?
  5. What could be done better?
  6. Should I continue to publish this blog?

And most of all, to those who have taken the time to read my blog, I thank you sincerely.

Yours truly,
Thomas A. Glass, Ph.D.


12 thoughts on “Daily COVID-19 Briefing: Sunday

  1. Hi Tom! i think your blog is very interesting and helpful. In terms of how to get it more exposed and not contribute to the malaise (no puns intended), I suggest you reach out to journalists and build relationships with them using your material. Irene


    1. Thanks for all your support Irene. Several people have suggested a similar strategy. I am not sure how to reach out to journalists. Those that have contacted me have generally not been happy with what they perceive as a pessimistic outlook. Or they say my stuff is too technical. Send me an email if you thoughts on how I might take your advice.


  2. For myself, your blog posts have become one of the most appreciated covid19 periodicals I read. The synthesis has been much appreciated by me, and others as well I’m sure. I have missed it on the days it hasn’t appeared, though I completely understand if you’ve reached the limit of wanting to keep it up. I wish more people were subscribed to your writings about the pandemic because it’s succinct, timely, credible, and helpful.


  3. Hey Tom – I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. It feels like a very safe space to read real, accurate information. I can only imagine how much time it takes…so, very much appreciate the effort. Now, more than ever, it feels necessary to continue to stay close to the science. I will certainly continue reading and find value if you decide to continue. Thanks! Betsy


  4. I have found your blog useful. Not every point anyone makes has same impact as other points they may make. It’s a function of what key questions are at the moment. Sometimes there is not much new to say and other times a experienced epidemiologist interpretation of data moves the needle. You have done this quite often for me.


  5. I check your blog regularly and rely on it to parse what is really going on. I know from reading news articles in areas I have knowledge in that they can get a lot wrong, so I appreciate it when you point me towards a good one or highlight what the takeaways should be. Yes, there are a lot of talking heads out there, but I like how what you write is separate from that and unfiltered. So many times an expert will say something on air, but the interviewer skips to the next topic without asking follow-ups and I’m left wondering what they meant. If you don’t want to do this anymore, I completely understand, but I wanted to let you know that I have read every post, even if I haven’t liked them or commented before. Thank you for everything.


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