Top pick of the day: Tuesday

You won’t believe how bad coronavirus numbers are about to get in the US

Science Article by Chris Smith published online at November 24, 2020.

Things seem pretty bad right now in this country. But, just how bad is it going to get? There is a natural tendency to believe that awful circumstances can only get better. Nature doesn’t always follow that rule. For hints, we turn to our best prediction models, put in all the latest numbers, and project where we think we will be in the future. In my Wednesday briefing, I’ll be looking at what a handful of those models said a month ago and how each one did at predicting where we are now. Spoiler alert: not well. In the meantime, here is an article focusing on what one high-visibility model is predicting for our near future. The bottom line is also not good: cases will double in 2 months despite being at record levels now.

Today’s bite-sized, handpicked selection of important news, information or science for all who want to know where this epidemic is going and what we should do.

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