Special announcement

After much thought and consideration, I have decided for personal reasons to stop posting updates to this blog. For those of you who have found my work here to be informative, helpful, comforting or disquieting, please know that I greatly appreciate the kindness of your attention, and your feedback. It was my honor to contribute in what ever small way I could to the events of what was a truly extraordinary year.

Please stay safe and feel free to send me your thoughts and experiences.

With regard,
Thomas A. Glass, Ph.D.
Disease detective


7 thoughts on “Special announcement

  1. Tom,
    I really appreciated the information and your summaries. It helped me to keep a level head about things.
    Hopefully we are actually turning the corner now with vaccines, but still a long way from normal.
    Stay healthy my old friend.



  2. Tom, I’ll miss the blog but understand the considerable resources that go into writing it! I have very much enjoyed it.


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