I am a retired epidemiologist, hockey player, amateur musician, foodie, and father of two. I have a Ph.D. in medical sociology from Duke. For the last 30 years, I have held faculty positions in epidemiology at Yale, Harvard and Johns Hopkins. I am not an expert in virology or infectious diseases, but I have general training as a social scientist and epidemiologist, and I have taught and done research in a variety of topics related to epidemics. I have published over 150 peer review scientific articles and have been a leader in understanding social response to disasters and biological hazards (see my paper on how to prevent panic).

I have time on my hands and have been following the epidemic closely, so I started doing daily updates for family and friends because I was getting so many questions. This website grew from that beginning. My commitment is to provide accurate, clear and carefully-curated summaries of news, research, policy and public health events related to the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe in transparency and open dialogue without unnecessary fear and hysteria.

Now is the time for all of us to pitch in and get busy!