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Here are some documents and forms that I have created or found that you might find helpful to you and your family during these difficult times. Feel free to use and share these. Send me comments about additional forms that might be helpful or make suggestions about those that are here.

  • *Version 7* A COVID-19 Symptom Checklist I designed. This is the printable version. See the online web-based version on the main page. Use it to track your illness and to help you communicate with health care professionals. This is version 7. Pink-eye (also known as conjunctivitis) has been added.
  • Download and print my COVID-19 Symptom Tracker. This is a companion document to the symptom checklist above. This tool allows you to record the start and end of your illness and track how your symptoms change from day-to-day. This is version 7 and matches the same symptoms as the checklist.
  • A FORM to print and put on doors in your home to indicate what rooms are off limits to whom when you need to practice isolation.
  • What to do if someone in your home is sick. Here is a step-by-step guide to the things you can do to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in your home if someone is diagnosed with the disease or might be infected.
  • Household chore tracker form. Put this on the refrigerator to organize the task of doing daily surface wipe-down to lower the chance of spreading the virus in your home.
  • Household rules for infection control. Print this out and tape it to a door or your refrigerator to remind everyone in your home in a humorous way of what must be done to reduce the chances of transmission in the home.
  • Special rules for Quarantine. If someone in your house has been in contact with someone outside who tested positive or has had symptoms, this form will help you and your family establish a quarantine protocol to keep everyone safe. The timeframe of quarantine should be 10-14 days under most circumstances. Make sure the person quarantined fills out a COVID-19 Symptom Tracker form every day.
  • Make your own hand sanitizer at home using this recipe. Please follow the instructions and measure carefully.

3 thoughts on “Helpful Documents and Tools

  1. Dr. Glass:

    Much of the medical propaganda I see, Including this,, talks about the testing by PCR nasal swab in terms only mentioning false negatives, and carefully avoids mentioning a false positive outcome. In a population that is not infected, a false positive test would indicate presence of an infectious pandemic. Furthermore, the PCR test does not test for viral load, and to that, from everything I’ve seen so far, this covid19 has NOT EVER been purified, and therefore it’s RNA not identified.

    Question about the article above: how can a vaccine be ready by 2021 if it generally takes a minimum of 5 years to properly prepare and test a vaccine?
    You can be first in line for that one.

    The feeedom of the world is at stake, sir. If you’re not part of the solution, then you are the problem, being a person esteemed as you are. I am nobody, but I will stand and die for freedom when the time shortly arrives. There is no virus. Only tyrants using idiots. Will you be counted among them?


    1. Dear Mr. Shight:
      While your passion is evident, your accusations lose credibility by your use of a false name. You have said that you are a nobody and that I am esteemed, but you claim to have the authority to lecture me. I honour your indignation because there is still so much we don’t know. It’s true that the PCR does not measure viral load. No one has claimed otherwise. It does measure the virus. Your claim that there is no virus is baseless. It is not true that vaccines take five years to develop. There are notable exception, but new vaccines for respiratory viruses take 18 months historically. It is certainly true that rushing a bad vaccine could make things worse. I doubt I will convince you that this pandemic is real, but I would say that your accusation of propaganda is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.


  2. In a free society, one needs no authority to speak.

    Thank you for your response. Please, if you will, point out when this covid19 virus was purified and its RNA identified.

    Also, if you can provide an answer, explaine why hospitals all over the country, including NYC, are experiencing lower than average admittance, often less than what is normally expected for seasonal flu patients. Why do the confirmed case numbers and death numbers prolifeated over the media sharply contradict this? The numbers do not add up.

    The worst cases of what is being branded covid19 are inconsistent with ARDS, and more resembles a breakdown of oxygen bonding in the lungs.


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