The Household Go-Kit

First principles: It should be assembled and ready to go. Think of having to stay in your car for three days. Must be portable so that it doesn’t slow you down. Store in a sturdy bag or plastic tub with handles.

Really important:

  1. copy of important family documents and prescriptions
  2. soap, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and isopropyl alcohol
  3. exam gloves and/or utility gloves
  4. toilet paper, towels and toiletries
  5. water and a water bottle for each person
  6. feminine hygiene items
  7. prescription medications and OTC cold/flu medicines
  8. a non-mercury thermometer
  9. change of clothes, 1–2 per person
  10. electronics chargers
  11. extra cash
  12. list of important people and their contact information

Less important:

  1. nonperishable food and water, enough for 2–3 days per person
  2. pet food, supplies and water bowls
  3. flashlight for each person with batteries
  4. first aid kit
  5. an empty, clean can (can be used for water or fuel)
  6. can opener, knife, eating utensils and dish soap
  7. coffee, tea and comfort beverages
  8. personal nonperishable treats (e.g. chocolate, Oreos, mints, etc.)
  9. blankets for each person (depending on weather)
  10. a reusable shopping bag for each person
  11. candles and matches
  12. an umbrella and/or rain gear
  13. batteries

Optional items:

  1. water purification filter
  2. portable radio (great if it offers access to shortwave and weather alert frequencies)
  3. plastic sheeting, rope and duct tape
  4. analog maps and compass
  5. external phone/electronics battery supply
  6. a locked box for storing valuables and medications

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