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How Long After Exposure To Covid-19 Coronavirus Should You Get Tested?

Article by Bruce Y. Lee, senior contributor and professor, published online at Forbes September 26, 2020.

A friend of mine called me in a panic the other day and said he thought he had been exposed to COVID-19 and wasn’t sure what to do. Amidst the groundhog day monotony of life in the time of coronavirus, it’s easy to forget that people are still getting sick and exposing others. Here is a handy go-to guide written by a former colleague who walks you through the process. The bottom line: if you think you have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2, quarantine yourself and seek a diagnostic test.

Today’s bite-sized, handpicked selection of important news, information or science for all who want to know where this epidemic is going and what we should do.

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